Panto Sphinx


Panto Sphinx deals with the effect of time on relationships, showing that in spite of tragedy the passing of time brings its own healing process. These are poems that express the shadows that only become apparent because there is light. The show his familiar characteristics – lyricism, wit and word play – at their best.


In Michael Henry’s collection there is a variety of narrators, tones of voice and intriguing situations. His poems reveal how much pathos attaches to the things – often the surviving things – with which a particular life had some connection. Quite ordinary details begin to shine. It is an honest, sympathetic and enquiring sort of verse.’ David Constantine
‘Michael Henry has an original slantwise way with words. His sad yet oddly playful poems worry away at the truth of things using snippets of learning to bring home the many-faceted nature of experience. The result is a poignant elusive poetry full of surprises, a clear personal voice.George Szirtes

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